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Engines and Motors

Novarossi Engines

Nitro – Internal Combustion

Radical RC Hobbies stock a good selection of medium and high performance nitro engines to suit all budgets. Whether it’s a world championship engine that exceeds 40,000 rpm or a more moderate upgrade for your RTR car, there’something in your price range to enhance your performance and reliability. In addition our staff are hands on racers with the necessary skills and experience to help you decide on the correct engine for your needs and pass on the necessary tips to run it in and make it last.

Electric  - Brushless with Digital Speed Controllers

LRP Electric

We also have a wide selection of electric motors and speed controllers for those that prefer the tranquility of electric powered. If you have any doubts over preformence, modern  brushless electric motors can exceed 60,000 rpm and along with Lithium based batteries, run time is constantly increasing in comparison with the old days of Nickel Cadmium.