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hpi Baja 5


offroad_3We’ve got a wide range of off road trucks in a varety of scales from 1:10 to 1:5 Bajas as shown above.  you can choose your power plant from either Electric, Nitro or 2 Stroke petrol powered. They are lots of fun, durable and can cruise at alarming speeds over a variety of terrain.  Some even use a combination for a starter motor for hassle free starting.


offroadBuggies are a popular class for offroad lovers, they are the high performers in the offroad classes and can achieve huge air over jumps. They come in 2WD and 4WD and are powered by Electric motors or Nitro engines. 4WD Buggies commonly use shaft drives with a center differential to achieve good power transmission and can take on serious offroad terrain for maximum thrills.


brock_toranaA wide selection of on-road cars are available for all budgets. Radical RC hobbies is a leading supplier of the ultimate onroad experience with a variety of onroad cars powered by either Electric motors or Nitro engines. We also cater for the kids with more affordable cars for the home, just call or pop in and browse the collection and ask peter or Steven, both Australian champions about what car best suits your need.


In terms of value for money, crawlers are great fun and reward the driver with extremely long run time and amazing agility. Special weighted tyres lower the center of gravity on these cars and they can climb amazing gradients and even perch themselves onto a wall. They’re suitable around the home and for all ages and are engineered to last.