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Powerboats are a great way to enjoy a picnic with the family by the lake



Make your RC model stand out in the crowd with a large selection colours in either spray can form or paint only for air brushes

Remote Control Helicopters, Cars and Boats For Sale

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If you want to know more about our products and services, please feel free to call us on 03 9357 3100 to chat with Steven or Peter or email us at Between them they have years of experience in the industry and with many world class achievements of their own, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best advice from professionals who can help guide you to find a RC model that suits your needs and budget. Radical RC Hobbies are not just a Pro Racing shop, they have a wide selection of RC models for all ages and budgets and offer great pricing for everyone.

RC Helicopters Melbourne

RC Aircrafts and AirplanesRadical RC Hobbies is a Pro Racing and RC model shop offering a wide range of rc aircrafts and airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars. We take great pride in the products we offer to our customers and so offer a wide choice of different manufacturers including Novak Electronics, JR Radios, Thunder Tiger and many other reputable manufacturers. We cover a wide spectrum of customers as we understand it’s important for a company such as ourselves to provide RC cars, aircrafts and boats for both professional enthusiasts and also more basic products for children. We do this by offering helicopters for indoor use for children, perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift. However we also supply multi-channel digital sport helicopters for more advanced users, as well as supplying parts for any upgrade you’d like to make to your existing RC helicopter. Of course it’s not only helicopters that we specialize in though, be sure to check out the great range of electric and timiya rc cars that come with various different chassis and body shells.

Unlike some RC shops, at Radical RC Hobbies we firmly believe it is our duty not only to offer you products to purchase but also be available to give advice. Our staff is genuinely interested in RC models and has vast experience in the field. One thing we pledge to our customers is we will not allow you to purchase a product from us if we feel you are unaware of what you are buying. We will always offer advice that will help you find the right RC model for you.

RC Boats and Helicopters for Sale

Remote Control Boats MelbourneAt Radical RC Hobbies we specialize in offering RC boats and helicopters for sale to the public. Receive honest advice from our staff on what boat or helicopter would be ideal for you. Our service is perfect for someone who is looking for a new hobby or for an experienced RC model collector who is looking to extend their range. Whether it’s a monohull or dual winged design of a boat you’re looking for we feel we’ll be able to provide a boat that meets your specifications. We have boats that are powered both by electric motors and nitro engines, enabling you to choose whichever your preference is. Of course if you’re unsure one of our team will give you the full run down on the pros and cons of each model, with no obligation to make a purchase.

There are other shops that provide Remote Control Boats Melbourne but we firmly believe it is our kind and helpful advice that sets us aside from other RC model suppliers. Although an exciting prospect, purchasing your first RC model of any type can be quite a daunting task with so many different models available. However we like to think we provide our customers with the basic knowledge required to thoroughly enjoy their first RC model experience. Owning a RC boat or helicopter can also help you to bring the family together. Of course you’ll enjoy flying your helicopter, but imagine the reaction of your children when they see it in action. They are sure to be delighted with their parent’s new hobby and want to join in the fun.

Remote Control Cars for Kids

RC Drift Cars for SaleProviding RC models for all the family is something that we feel very passionately about. Our range of remote control cars includes trucks, buggies and crawlers that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Our affordable on-road RC cars are particularly good for the kids and you don’t have to spend a fortune to be able to purchase them. Crawler cars are also great fun for use within the boundaries of your home as they have a low centre of gravity due to their specially weighted tyres and can climb up very steep slopes. We also have various rc drift cars for sale with low-traction tyres so your kids can enjoy experimenting with the controlled over steer that the tyres enable.

As a parent it could be very useful to get your child an RC car that is suitable for indoor use as it means you can keep your eye on them without having to leave the home. Also, if you have limited garden space a young child taking the RC car into the street could be dangerous due to traffic. Although we supply nitro and petrol rc cars that are relatively easy to control, there is always the danger of steering into a wall by mistake or drifting into the road. Due to this fact it’s probably best to start your child with a basic model for indoor use that will get them used to controlling an RC vehicle and perhaps might even be the start point for them becoming the a future Australian champion.